Friends & Acquaintances

Here are some of my favorite people.

G. Allen Wilbanks is a lifelong friend, an amazing author, and a reliable proof-reader. He is an amazing and prolific author of horror, science fiction, and fantasy.
National Park Service Ranger Katlyn Grubb has been an invaluable resource in researching how park rangers do things. It helps that when I was looking for resources, my daughter, who worked at the same park, said, “Dad, you need to talk to Ranger Grubb, she’s a badass.”
Jicarilla Apache Police Chief Kendall Vicenti has been extremely helpful if providing me insight into the world of Tribal Policing and its pitfalls.
Image result for red pen edited manuscript
Wendy Muraoka has been my editor from the beginning, sweating over my voluminous drafts and translating them from gibberish to English, removing words that have no place in that paragraph, and helping make my stories sound more like fiction and less like police reports.
Frank Pressly is a prolific author on Quora, having answered more than a thousand questions and having in excess of two thousand followers. One of his answers happened to be so compelling, it forced me to write the story “Dead Armadillos.” While this story is not yet published, it is quite good, if I say so myself. But the story doesn’t exist without Frank’s written experience. Check out some of his posts on Quora when you get a chance.
Blood and Parchment: First Offering by [Knight, G. P.]
Fellow author and Seattle-area Renaissance Man (Artist, Musician, Author, and more) G.P. Knight took the time to perform battlefield surgery on my writing with a red pen, providing lessons and directions for some of my short work. Did I mention that he’s also my older brother?
Ranger “Birdie” McLaren, at work. Actually, this is my daughter working for San Mateo County Parks. But you get the idea.
Writers at work. G. Allen Wilbanks (L) & Wes Blalock (R) at the bar.