A Burning Love (Short Story)

At the right time and in the right place, Ranger Birdie McLaren finds herself taking part in the rescue of a group of CalFire firefighters, cut off by a raging wildfire. Confronted by tragedy, she learns that things aren’t always as they seem.

*Published in KingsRiverLife.com, (June 1, 2019)

A Walk in the Park (Short Story)

Ranger Birdie McLaren and Ranger Katie Reynolds are kidnapped and forced into the woods by dangerous men with evil intentions. But in their element, can these young women find the tools to freedom?

Bitter Souvenirs (Short Story)

Called away from an argument with her significant other, Ranger Birdie McLaren investigates the death of a family, and learns the depths of love and loss.

Daughter of Deep Silence (Short Story)

A disgraced, former park ranger, Birdie McLaren finds herself in a new job in a new park, but learns that a hunter of young women is on the prowl.

Extrication (Short Story)

Ranger Birdie McLaren finds footprints in the snow which lead to a deeper and darker secret.

*Pending Publication in Over My Dead Body Magazine.

Hearts of Stone (Short Story)

Far from home, Ranger Birdie McLaren assists a Tribal Police Department in recovering the body of a tourist, killed in suspicious circumstances.

Her Sister’s Keeper (Short Story)

A developmentally disabled girl goes missing in the wilderness trying to solve a century old mystery and two park rangers involved in the search, miles apart, find a significant and imminent connection.

Showdown at the House of Spirits (Short Story)

A young drifter has a plan to get rich on cartel money, unless his brother screws it up for him.

Talking to Strangers (Short Story)

Tribal Police Officer Leena Koteen makes the decision to contact a subject for a minor violation and suffers serious consequences.*

*Published in Close2thebone.com (December 18, 2018)

Tears for Lucifer (Short Story)

Ranger Birdie McLaren tracks an animal that killed a park guest. But with the sunset coming and the darkness rising, she must find it before it kills again, or before it finds her.

*Pending Publication in Bewildering Stories.

Walking the Crooked Mile (Short Story)

When a corrections officer is found dead and his prisoner firefighters are missing, a young park ranger is tasked with tracking them through a raging wildfire. As she deals with the fallout from her own romantic entanglements, can she find the killers before then escape?

In Loco Parentis (Short Story)

Ranger Birdie McLaren takes part in a rock climber’s rescue hundreds of feet above the valley floor, on the anniversary of her father’s passing. Fighting her own ghosts, she struggles to save lives when disaster strikes.  

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