Wes Blalock’s Story

I was born in the Valley of the Heart’s delight, while it was still a bedroom community for the City and County of San Francisco, long before it became Silicon Valley. I grew up amid orchards and mountain, coniferous forest, playing with neighbor kids, climbing trees, building forts, climbing rocks, and hiking in the woods.

I began telling stories and writing them down early, when I was in elementary school, creating my own superheroes to fight alongside the heroes I read about in the comic books (Daredevil was one of my favorites). I wrote short stories in high school and forced my friends to read them.

In college, I began writing in earnest, attending Creative Writing classes and getting my work critiqued. Even after taking those classes, I joined a writer’s group, along with my lifelong friend and fellow author, G. Allen Wilbanks. I created a series character for whom I had planned many novels, William Rook, professional soldier. I felt destined to become a famous thriller writer.

Instead, I began a career in law enforcement, working as a University Police Officer, on a campus where my grandmother’s childhood home had once stood. I met a beautiful, irresistible woman and fell in love. I began a life with her and ultimately, our four children. Life intervened.

Over the years, I tried my hand at writing again, reviving William Rook, and even creating another series idea, about a US Navy task force of medical and support personnel whose primary function is to provide disaster response, Mercy Task Force. But still, I never seemed to have the time to actually work on writing, what with family obligations, working sixty hour workweeks, and keeping up with all my other responsibilities.

As I neared retirement, my wife urged me to start writing again, to find my passion. I began a novel, The Approaching Thunder, featuring a young, female National Park Service Law Enforcement Ranger, named Huittsuu
“Birdie” McLaren. After getting 60,000 words into the novel, I realized that I didn’t know her well enough to keep going. I began writing short stories to get to know her and her friends. And this is where I am, hoping you enjoy my work.